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Country Building Energy Certification Programs Member Survey White Paper
ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance
This report includes a summary of the responses received from 35 of the ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance members and provides a detailed illustration of the steps being taken to identify and benchmark building energy use.

DKV Research Report No. 80
Condensation of Pure Refrigerants and Their Zeotropic Mixtures in Plate Heat Exchangers:  Daniel Winkelmann.

The UK Insitute of Refrigeration - Real Zero
The UK Institute of Refrigeration shares with the members of the ASHRAE Associate Alliance some work that the IOR has been conducting in recent years on resources to improve refrigerant containment – called REAL Zero.  The project has a dedicated website with a great deal of free information, guidance notes for engineers and equipment owners, calculators and tools and a complete e-learning package.

For more information, visit the website www.realzero.org.uk

The Storage of Sustainable Energy in the Built environment
Exploratory research on increasing sustainability using Smart Grids - TVVL

TVVL, Platform for People and Technology, requested Royal Haskoning to investigate the subject of Energy storage and smart grids. Primary and secondary research questions were formulated jointly with TVVL, and then subsequently answered during the exploratory research. The primary issue is as follows:
Taking account of the solutions offered by smart grids, how desirable is the storage of energy at the domestic housing, building or district levels in both the
short and long term, and which types of storage methods are the most feasible?

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The Potential Applications of Phase Change Materials in Buildings - TVVL
This preliminary study gives an overview of the possibilities of using phase change materials (PCMs) to reduce the energy consumption of climate control systems in buildings. The results and conclusions in this report are based on test measurements carried out or verified by the authors, or on the basis of testing done at Delft University of Technology under the supervision of Prof. A.H.C. van Paassen. Data originating from the suppliers of PCM products has not been used unless this data has been experimentally verified by the authors, by students of the faculty Energy in the Built Environment at Delft University of
Technology, or by other independent research.

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Smart Buildings for Smart Grids - TVVL
In the context of this report, Smart buildings are buildings in which the energy housekeeping is optimised by an information network. This is aimed at minimising the cost of total energy used via the connection to the public electricity grid, or even converting this connection into a source of income.

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Low Carbon Finland 2050 Vision
VTT’s strategic project “Low Carbon Finland 2050” gathered VTT’s technology experts in clean energy production, smart energy infrastructures, transport, buildings, and industrial systems as well as experts in energy system modelling and foresight. The projects synthesis report Low Carbon Finland 2050 – VTT clean energy technology strategies for society, published in November 12th,2012 in VTT Visions publication series, is a summary of VTT’s findings on the role of new technologies in moving Finland sustainably towards a low carbon economy.

TVVL study – Roadmap to nZEB
Roadmap to nearly Zero Energy Buildings - Towards nZEBs in 2020 in the Netherlands
This study was commissioned by Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV) and TVVL in cooperation with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The study was conducted as an internship project for the master Sustainable Energy Technology at TU/e. The aim of this study was to prepare a roadmap for nZEBs (nearly Zero Energy Buildings) towards 2020 in the Netherlands.


International Energy Agency - Free Publications

Energy Supply Security: The Emergency Response of IEA Countries - 2014 Edition

World Energy Investment Outlook - Special Report

Partner Country Series - Update on Overseas Investments by China’s National Oil Companies 

Heating Without Global Warming - Market Developments and Policy Considerations for Renewable Heat

Energy Efficiency Indicators - Essentials for Policy Making

Energy Efficiency Indicators - Fundamentals on Statistics

Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 - Executive Summary

Technology Roadmaps: How2Guide for Wind Energy Roadmap

International Energy Agency 2013 Annual Report

Linking Heat and Electricity Systems - Co-generation and District Heating and Cooling, Solutions for a Clean Energy Future

Partner Country Series - Emissions Reduction through Upgrade of Coal-Fired Power Plants, Learning from Chinese Experience

Regional Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations - Arab-Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) Region

Technology Roadmap: A Guide to Development and Implementation 

Technology Roadmap: Energy Storage 

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2014 - Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 Excerpt, IEA Input to the Clean Energy Ministerial

CCS 2014 - What Lies in Store for CCS?